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About Anane

Anane is a fashion brand, known for its swimwear collections. It comes from a constant exploration of our environment with the mission of bringing an innovative approach to the world of fashion, design and the swimwear industry. The firm was born in Barcelona in 2019 and after several years of travel, development and experience, Anane has stepped forward with a new era full of creativity and inspiration.

The collections reflect its own imaginary, taking references from multiple places around the world. Each piece is designed based on the firm's own vision, heavily influenced by architecture and frequently surrounded by nature and landscapes. By appreciating the shapes and textures of a house, a building or an interior space, we have understood the relationship between architecture and fashion. We take references from their physical characteristics, appearance and aesthetics while diving into the stories and experiences we find in them. From a minimalist architecture to an ancient construction full of details, each encounter with architecture allows us to propose pieces that allude to more baroque styles full of details and prints or others more avant-garde and simple with subtle and neutral lines.

Both disciplines study shapes, proportions between different elements, geometry and volumes. Each one works with its own materials and rules and both look for a functional and aesthetic sense that makes us feel good. This way of understanding design allows us to create and make garments elaborated with our own patterns that reinterpret architectural forms to adapt them to our own body.

Nature also plays a key role in each design, adding texture, color and life. The study of the relationship between architecture and the environment offers us the codes to express how we connect from a visual and sustainable perspective. We merge with nature, producing pieces with local materials and minimalist designs that lead us to create timeless pieces that last over time. This vision allows us to control a production process committed to the environment and offer garments with added value.

The firm's mission is to reinvent the way we consume and appreciate fashion, focusing on pieces with added value and connected to aesthetics and emotions. At Anane we travel and explore to nourish ourselves from different cultures and observe how a place plays with textures, colors and shapes to incorporate it into the different proposals of the season. In each of these places we find different locations that capture our attention because of their physiognomy and appearance. We delve into their interior, explore their history and discover what lies behind their appearance.

In the same way, in all of Anane's designs we find experiences and memories impregnated, stories that we want to share with people. Our vision is committed to fashion as a way to appreciate art, celebrate aesthetics and create a diverse and equal universe in which everyone feels identified and wants to participate in creating stories and memories together.

Anane is fashion, is architecture, is art, is nature, is landscape, is craftsmanship, is travel, is clothing. A countless number of adjectives that define our world. Our collections are a journey through time that reinvents the style of the past to build a future full of stories.

Welcome to the world of Anane.