About Anane

Anane is a minimalistic swimwear range inspired by nature and architecture, with the mission to innovate the way of consuming and appreciating fashion, investing on pieces with an original value that directly appeals to visual pleasure and emotions.

Founded by Sandra Miralles in Barcelona in 2018, Anane was created to bring a fresh perspective to the fashion industry. The brand introduces a new concept in the swimwear sector by combining elegance with sportiness in their garments.

Each collection has been designed with inspiration from places around the world. The architecture of these places has influenced the patterns and shapes of the garments, while nature has provided the texture and color to give life to the bikinis.

Quality and craftsmanship are something that Anane prioritizes, ensuring that every step of the production process is closely supervised. That's why the production takes place in Barcelona. The garments are designed with both comfort and style in mind, allowing them to be worn all day.

Welcome to the universe of Anane, where fashion is a journey through time and experience.